Birthday Special: Adah Sharma is crazy about fitness, know her secrets!

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From Tamil films to Bollywood, journey of actress Adah Sharma is good. Today, Adah is celebrating her 27th birthday. Adah is not only a talented actor but also she is crazy about her fitness. Everyone remembers her first debut in Bollywood was from the film 1920. In which she has nailed her character. But today we are not here to talk about her films, instead of that we are going to tell you some secrets of Adah Sharma fitness routine.

As we know Adah is always active on social media for her fans. So, her Instagram account shows how crazy Adah is for her fitness. On this special occasion her birthday we will tell how Adah manages her fitness routine despite the busy schedule.

Strict about Fitness

Adah pay a strict attention to her fitness and that’s why she follows the fitness routine. Although she takes care of her fitness by different style. She said, even if she is busy in shooting, then also she does not skip the exercise.

Exercises according to the place

Adah says that it is not necessary that you workout only by going to the gym daily. During shooting, I have to go to new places. In such a way, I can exercise according to the place. She said, 'Like if I am out on the beach side, I like jogging or running on the beach. Plan your exercise wherever you are.'

Use different equipment

On asking about her gym exercise Adah says that I do not bind to the same exercise, but I continue to try different things. Every type of equipment and every day with new exercises, and because of that I do not even get bored of same exercise and exercise is also easily done.

Stretching is a part of her routine

Flexibility in the fitness routine is very important to strengthen muscles. For this Adah do stretching with the hamstring after doing 20 minutes of treadmill. She says that women often go on long jogging, which makes the mammals of hamstrings quite tight. In such a situation, stretching is very important for them.

Dance is fitness secret

They say that dance is not just a source of entertainment but it is also a great fitness program. Nowadays there are different types of dance concept trends, by which you can maintain your fitness. Adah loves Kathak and belly dance very much. She believes dance is high intensity cardio, which makes the entire body exercise.

Focus on Diet

She is very much fond of eating but also takes care of her diet. In breakfast she likes to take fresh fruits, eggs or oatmeal and juice. Lunch contains green vegetables, protein foods, rice and bread. Apart from this, Adah like to eat soup, salad and chicken or fish n dinner.


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