Birthday Special: Anushka Sharma is a deadly combination of perfect body and glowing skin, know her secrets!

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Anushka Sharma is one of the Bollywood’s most talented and beautiful actress. Today, she is celebrating her 31st birthday. We all know that fans of Anushka Sharma is crazy for her perfect figure and that marvelous look. In fact Anushka admires lot of young girls to remain fit and get the flawless skin. Above all of this, do you all know the secrets behind Anushka’s fitness and glowing skin. If not then no worries, on her special day (Birthday) we will tell about the secrets behind her fitness and beauty and by following these tips you all can definitely get that mesmerizing figure and flawless skin.

Anushka fitness routine:

Just 4 days Gym

Anushka goes to the gym just for 4 days a week because she does not like to go to the gym. Instead of going to gym, she likes to exercise at house itself.

30 minutes meditation

Anushka does yoga to make her body flexible and calm down the mind. At the same time, she also does 30 minutes of meditation every morning, by doing this you not get mental peace but also become physically fit.


She believed that dance makes your heart healthy and for that everyone should dance daily. Apart from this her workout routine includes weight and strength training, jogging, walk and cardio exercises.

Special attention on her diet

Let us tell you that Anushka does not follow any particular diet plan to keep herself fit. As she is pure vegetarian, therefore her diet includes most vegetables. She likes to eat parathas, lentils, cinnamon, poha, salad, curd, green vegetables and paneer in the food.

Plenty of water with sleep

She says that sleeping is as important as drinking plenty of water for a healthy and glowing skin. She drinks almost 2-3 liters of water throughout the day and takes 8-9 hours of sleep.

Her beauty secrets:

Cocoa butter lotion

To keep her skin hydrated and moisturized, Anushka uses cocoa butter lotions. Apart from this, she also uses sunscreen when leaving the house, which protects from sun's UV rays.

Homemade face pack

Anushka has also told that instead of chemically treated beauty products, she uses homemade face packs for the skin. For skin detoxification, she uses neem's face masks or household items such as milk, honey, papaya and bananas.

Oiling twice a week

To make her hair look beautiful, she oils her hair twice a week. Apart from this, Anushka also goes to the spa once in a week.

Night skin care routine

Before sleeping at night, Anushka removes the makeup well with cleansing cream. In addition, she also does scrubs at least twice a week.


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