Diabetic patients never include these foods in your diet…

Published By: Srishti Gautam (srishti789gautam@gmail.com)

The counts of diabetic patients are increasing day by day. At the same time, when diabetes starts getting out of control, the chances of the risk of heart related diseases, kidney related problems, blindness, etc. increases. In this case, the most important thing is to control the sugar level. However, you have to take special care of your diet like what you eat and what you drink.

How much sugar level is required?

Blood sugar should always be checked when in an empty stomach. The normal amount of empty stomach blood sugar level is 70 to 110mg / dl and the usual amount of food or good sugar should be 140 to 160 mg / dl.

Foods that increase sugar level:

Dried fruits

Fruit is a good way of natural sugar. But when the fruits get dry, only sugar and carbohydrate remain in them. Consuming these increases the sugar level and many problems can arise. Apart from this, consuming flavored curd also increases the sugar level. Actually, plain curd contains probiotics, whereas in flavored yogurt it disappears, which increases sugar levels.

Fat meat

Meat such as beef and salmon is saturated fat, which is dangerous for diabetic patients. In fact, these food increases cholesterol along with sugar levels. That can prove to be dangerous for you.

White pasta

Consumption of white pasta increases the sugar levels in the body. Because it contains carbohydrates which is not good for diabetics. In addition, packaged trans fat food such as chips, cookies, peanut butter, is also harmful for diabetics.


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