Do not make these mistakes while Gymming!

Published By: Srishti Gautam (

Gyming and exercising is favourite for any fitness freak. They try every single exercise and machines at gym to keep them fit. But today we are going to tell you about some machines from which you should stay away while doing gym. Let's know about some machines and it its effects.

The crunch machine works only on the outer surface of your abdominal issues. It does not strengthen your core from the inside, which can spoil your spine. Therefore, try bear crawl exercise instead of this machine.

The seated lag extension machine puts more stress on the ligaments and tendons of your knees and increases the risk of knees.

The machine which is used to strengthen chest and shoulders. However, you should be careful while using it because it puts more stress on your shoulders joint and connective tissue.

Abdominal machines are not beneficial for you in any way, because using them does not help you. These machines do not tone your muscles and do not flush your abs. Instead of using this machine you can do plank.

So, whenever you are working inside the gym must keep in mind these important points. Beginners should also make sure before start exercising in the gym.


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