Habits that every girl follows are ruining their skin...

Published By: Srishti Gautam (srishti789gautam@gmail.com)

Taking proper care of the skin is very important for every individual but for girls it is a need. Our skin is the largest barrier against infection. If you are using harsh chemicals for the skin then it will automatically destroy the outer most layer of the skin. Using a harsh cleanser, for example, can damage the outer layer of the skin as the cleanser tends to rip off essential lipids and moisture from the skin. Furthermore, it leads to cracks in the skin making it prone to infection. Even after affectively following basic skin care routine, when your skin still doesn't look clean enough, you wonder what might have gone wrong, right. There are a few habits that could be quietly destroying the skin. Let us take a look,

Over washing Your Face

Cleansing your skin is definitely a good habit but overdoing it will do more harm than good. Excessive cleansing is bad for the skin as it strips away the natural oil and moisture making the skin more vulnerable to pollutants and bacteria. The same goes if you over exfoliate your skin. So, if you have to lather up less often to get radiant, irritated-free skin, so be it. You will be doing good for your skin.

Not Using Sunscreen

The harmful UV rays of the sun can do a lot of damage to the skin. If your skin is overexposed without protection, then there's a high chance for the onset early signs of ageing. This involves dry and sallow skin, deep furrows, wrinkles, and fine lines. So, why take a risk when there are different types of sunscreens available? Lather your skin with broad-spectrum SPF or whichever sunscreen that suits your skin.

Neglecting Your Chest and Neck

While moisturizing the face, we tend to neglect the neck and chest. We often fail to understand that these two areas are the first to show signs of ageing. So, make sure that you include your neck and chest the next time you moisturize your face.

Sleeping With removing Makeup

Skipping to wash your face after a long day at work is understandable, but if this becomes a habit then it's high time that you kick the bad habit. Our skin is exposed to pollution, dirt, grime and oil and all these pile up on the surface of the skin making it difficult for the skin to breathe. If you do not wipe off or wash your face before sleeping, then you are inviting breakouts, acne, blackheads, clogged pores and dryness. If you are too tired, then make sure you keep some face wipes next to your bedside table.


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