How to make your Child eat green vegetables?

Published By: Srishti Gautam (

In today's times children mostly prefer to eat junk food or outside foods. They love to eat junkies like pizza, burger, chocolates, candies, and many more. But this kind of food has adverse effects on their health. Such eating habits of your child are making them sick. In such situation, if you want your child should include the habit of eating green vegetables then you must follow the tips which we are going to tell you today. Things you must take care when feeding green vegetables to children. Green vegetables for children are extremely important for their overall development. So let us now tell you how to put your child a habit of eating green vegetables…

Children do not like to eat the same food every day, they become bored by eating so. Try to create something different or tasty once in a week. If they like something a lot, then do not feed them again and again the same food. Being a smart mom you can make your child to eat green vegetables, as fill the green vegetables in a roti and feed them like a roll. Apart from this, if the child likes noodles and pasta, then add plenty of vegetables in it while making it.

Try to different colors to the children’s food. Instead of using food colors, add colorful vegetables in the food, this will make the dish more attractive. Be creative and cut these vegetables into different shapes and make them for the child in different days. This will keep the child's attraction for that vegetable and he will love to it that vegetable.

Children often insist on eating favorite things. If you fulfilling all the demand of the child since childhood then you can make them eat green vegetables by placing any condition before them. Then you will be able to make any necessary work from them.  Example, If the child insists on eating pizza, first ask him if he will eat healthy things the whole week then he will get pizza on weekends.


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