Losing weight in summers is quite easy!

Published By: Srishti Gautam (srishti789gautam@gmail.com)

If you are living in a place where there is no sunlight and sun refuses to give any respite to humans, then losing weight might be a difficult task for you here. So, before making workout schedule, make sure that you keep in mind the climate of where you live. If you are trying to lose extra calorie in hot weather, it is important that you should keep your safety in mind and have alternatives of staying cool while exercising. If you want lose weight in this hot weather then must take a look at these tips.

Invest in Fitness center or Gym

We have notice that most of the fitness centers offer an additional option for exercising on hot days while avoiding the heat. People should enroll in yoga classes, indoor cycling, boot camp or Pilates if they are available nearby where you live.

Home Exercises

If you can go out join some gym or any other fitness centre because high budget then no worries, you can easily exercise indoors by doing aerobic workouts, such as jumping jacks, running in place, resistance exercises, such as sit-ups, push-ups, squats or lunges.

Apply Sunscreen

Make sure that whenever you go for outdoor workout must apply sunscreen. Pick a sunscreen that has an SPF value of at least 30. Sunscreen will help protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation that can cause serious skin problems, such as sunburns and can increase the risk of developing skin cancer. You can also use a sun block. A sun block helps in protecting the skin from the dangers of exposure to heat and radiation of the sun right after you have applied it unlike in the case of sunscreen, which must be applied 20 minutes before stepping out.

Stay Hydrated

It is the most important thing you must in summer season. Keep yourself always whether you are working out or not. While exercising, the body naturally sweats to cool the internal temperature. Exercising when it is hot outside increases the amount of moisture that one loses from sweat, thereby increasing the risks of heat exhaustion and heat stroke that can lead to seizures, swelling of brain and even death if let to be for a prolonged period.

Exercise in Shade

While exercising outdoors, always exercise in shade. Choose a running path that runs through a forested area with lots of trees. Alternatively, find a shade of a large tree to perform stationary or resistance exercises under it. Even if only a small part of your exercise routine is in the shade, doing so helps in cutting the risks associated with working out in the heat.

So, if you all are planning to workout than make that you do not exercise during the midday sun. It is during this time that the sun is closest to earth.


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