National Dengue Day 2019: Measures to protect your children from this disease!

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16th May is marked as the National Dengue Day all over the India, by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Government of India has highlighted this day as a National Dengue Day to spread the awareness the prevent people from being the victims of this disease. Dengue is alone responsible for a large number of deaths each year. Many cases of dengue results in the death of the patient. Children are also becoming the victim of dengue.

Since children have a growing immune system, they are not able to fight the disease effectively which leads to severe complications. Everyone knows that dengue is caused due to female mosquitoes. They lay around when there is no cleanness. To avoid such a situation you should be well prepared for the situation. To prevent your children from getting affected by this disease, parents must take some immediate steps. You should prevent your children with some steps and measures to ensure their good health. Here are some steps that you can follow to protect your children.

Keep your house clean

It is the first step that you should follow to fight dengue. House is the first place that you should consider cleaning. You should keep every corner of your house clean. While cleaning your house you should make sure that there you do not store water in open. Uncovered water increases the breeding of the mosquitoes. Make sure that you keep water covered. Also do not keep the same water stored for many days. Store water as per your daily use only. Eliminate all the factors which can promote breeding indoors.

Full sleeves clothes to protect

Dressing well is also an important step to prevent mosquito bites. You should reduce the area exposed to mosquito bites. You should make your children wear full sleeved clothes. Also keep in mind that the clothes are comfortable so that your child does not experience any kind of skin problems.

Prevention before stepping out

You cannot keep your kids indoors all the time. They will step out of the house for something or the other. For such unavoidable situations you should keep your kids prepared. Use mosquito repellents and like creams, patches, oils and other option available in the market.

Understand the symptoms

To control the disease effectively you must control the progression of the disease. You should know the symptoms of dengue very well so that you can treat your child after few initial symptoms only. Early treatment means better protection. If you notice some symptoms in your child during dengue outbreak then you should immediately take your child to the doctor.

Avoid travelling

During the outbreak you should avoid travelling to epidemic areas. Do not make plans and visit such places which can increase the chances of getting infected of you and your family. Try to stay indoors as much as possible.

These are some precautions which will surely help you to prevent your child from getting affected by dengue. Not only children but you also adopt these measures to remain free from this disease.


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