Shocking! Chewing Gum increases the risk of Cancer

Published By: Srishti Gautam (

Remember Bubble gum? Nowadays there are many flavors of chewing gum are available in the market. Many people like to chew chewing gum. While some others chew it for the mouth exercise or some people use it only in fashion or in time pass. If you are one of these people then be careful because chewing gum is not a good sign for health.

Due to the food additives present in chewing gum, which increase the risk of serious diseases like colorectal cancer several times. According to a recent study, things like chewing gum or mayonnaise had food additives which is commonly used as a whitening agent, are associated with an increased risk of stomach burning and colorectal cancer.

E171, called titanium dioxide nanoparticles, is a food additive, which is used as a serving agent for large amounts of food and even also in many medicines.

A study was conducted on mice to know how this food additive affects our health. E171 is used in more than 900 food products and common people consumed this food additive in large numbers every day.

According to this study published in the Journal of Frontiers in Nutrition, consuming food items that contain E171 food additives directly affects our intestines, due to which many diseases related to stomach and increases the possibility of dangerous disease like colorectal cancer.


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