STOP! Some pains that you should never ignore…

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Pain in your body nowadays is very common. If your body feels the pain that means something wrong is going inside in the body. But on paying attention the pain people usually ignores it, when we know the reason why it is happening. It will be a great step of yours when you pay extra attention to pain and think of it as a sign that you need to get a medical checkup done. Paying close attention to your pain can make your life easier and it could even save your life. Here are some pains that you should never ignore:

Menstruation Pain

Menstruation pain is very common during periods but sometimes it is more than normal. Especially when the pain gets really intense and severe, this could also mean a painful disorder known as endometriosis.

Endometriosis is a condition wherein the lining of the womb starts to grow outside it. It can infiltrate the lining of the bladder, the rectum, the space between the rectum, the vagina and the bowel.

So, from the next time if your periods are too painful, must visit your gynaecologist and get a proper checkup done.

Sudden Pain in the Chest

A sudden pressure that you feel in your chest is not something you should take lightly. It could indicate many things including stress and indigestion. Heart attack and angina can also be the cause of the sudden chest pains. You must consult a professional immediately if the chest pain lasts longer than 20 minutes.

Severe Headache

Do you get a headache easily? But headaches are becoming serious these days. You should definitely not ignore it. Looking at the amount of work we put in daily, we tend to get tired easily and prone to getting headaches. Headaches can be nerve-racking and can progress to a severe condition like migraines and a ruptured aneurysm (bleeding in the brain).

If you have a headache due to a cold, it could be a sinus headache. But it could also mean a brain tumor or brain hemorrhage. Anyone of any age can get a headache and they can progress to a severe problem, you must consult a professional before it gets serious.

Leg Cramp

Is your calf swollen? Is it red/ warm to a touch? You might have deep-vein thrombosis (DVT) – a blood clot. Avoid rubbing or massaging the area or taking a walk to get rid of the pain. The clot can travel through your veins up to your lungs if it breaks free and can also cut off the oxygen supply. If you go to a doctor, they will probably ask you go for a CT scan or an ultrasound to check for a DVT.


So, if you are ignoring any kind of these pains, it can be injurious or dangerous for your health. Taking a close look at what it might be that is affecting your body is a good idea. Pain is an excuse made by the body to tell you that something is wrong. 


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