Do you know your favourite foods are damaging your Health?

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Pizzas, burgers, coldrinks, French fries are a big NO in Indian households when it comes to maintaining a healthy cholesterol level and staying in shape. However, all this stands null and void when it comes to eating boxes after boxes of sweets during festivals or hogging street foods. Besides ignoring the health factor time and again, Indian households have been welcoming these high-on-cholesterol devils, putting the entire family at a risk. So, here is a list of such unhealthy Indian fast foods which satisfy your tongue but create havoc for rest of the body.


Pakora along with some refreshing tea is a popular evening snack, one that is especially devoured during monsoons in Indian households. However, while the entire family rejoices the taste, their body witnesses an increase in the bad cholesterol level and a decrease in the good cholesterol level, giving birth to obesity.


A birthday party, an evening snack at office, or a religious get together at home, Indians never need an excuse to put a samosa in their mouth. Each piece of samosa that is deep fried in oil contains about 25g of fat which is as much as a big slab of butter.

Chhole Bhature

Each one of us knows that small shop in our locality that sells mouthwatering cholla bhatura. But, did you know that the delicious snack is high on saturated fats and calories. A plate containing 2 bhaturas and a bowl of chhola contains 1200 calories and 50 grams of fat. You may also experience acidity and a burning sensation in the heart after having this delicacy straight from the state of Punjab.

Pani Puri

Irrespective of what strata of the society you hail from, what gender you are or which age bar you fall under, Pani Puri is and will always remain your weakness if you are an Indian. But, this weakness can cost you a lot. These deep fried puris are completely unhealthy and the chutney you just can’t do without can give you constipation.


The combination of milk and jalebi is popular in many cultures. But these spiral-shaped sweets can damage your health enormously. They are deep fried and then soaked in sugar syrup causing your cholesterol levels to shoot up dramatically.


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