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Yoga is the best exercise to keep your mind, body and spirit healthy.  It is known to relieve you from stress, anxiety, obesity and many other diseases. Yoga can be performed by people of any age or religion.

It is best to do yoga before sunrise as it makes you fit and energetic for the whole day. Yoga should be practiced daily to get long term benefits.


Kapalbhati-  Kapalbhati pranayama is one of the easiest yoga asanas to do It is a 5 minutes breathing exercise which can be done regularly in the morning.


  • It helps in increasing your metabolism and cures digestion.
  • It cures many problems like asthma, diabetes, hair loss, lung disorders and constipation
  • Kapalbhati generates heat in your body, dissolving toxins and waste matter.
  • It improves the functioning of kidney, liver and blood circulation

Tadasana-  Tadasana which is also known as mountain pose . Most of the standing poses are shifts in a certain part of your body or an individual joint that spring from the Tadasana, while the other parts remain neutral. It is a standing pose.


  • Increases height and is a great massage for hands and legs.
  • Reduces belly fat.
  • Improves posture
  • Makes thighs, knees and ankles strong
  • Firms abdomen and buttocks

Surya NamaskarSurya namaskar or Sun salutation is a compilation of 12 asanas and is considered one of the best pranayams. It is best done in early morning on an empty stomach. The sun symbolises light, purity, clarity and consciousness. Regular practice of Surya Namaskara imparts the power and radiance of the sun that is why it is known as “Salute to the Sun”.


  • It provides flexibility and enhances energy.
  • It is helpful in treating chronic diseases, anxiety, stress, lower back pain and hypertension.
  • It is a great cardiovascular workout
  • It helps in stretching and toning of the muscles
  • It is an excellent exercise for weight loss.

Trikonasana-  Trikonasana is a triangle pose which involves elongating your body muscles through which body functions in a sound manner. This yoga asana is especially recommended for pregnant woman. Unlike other yoga poses, it requires opening of eyes to maintain balance of the body.


  • Trikonasana helps pregnant woman to stay away from stress, anxiety and blood pressure problems.
  • This asana is also a memory booster.
  • It helps control thighs and waist size
  • Increases mental and physical equilibrium.

Bhujangasana-  Also known as cobra pose, this asana is the best for losing weight. It is a back- bending asana and is the eighth pose out of the 12 poses in Surya namaskar. You must make sure to keep your stomach and bowels empty before you practice this asana.


  • It reduces fat from tummy, shoulders, chest and other related areas.
  • It increases metabolism
  • It facilitates proper functioning of gallblader, pancreas, liver and stomach.
  • It strengthens spinal cord, cures headache and eliminates kidney problems.

Halasana-  Halasana or plough pose is an inverted asana. Halasana is a folded inversion, traditionally considered a finishing pose that may be practiced at the end of a yoga session. As a finishing pose, it helps prepare the body for relaxation, pranayama and meditation.


  • It increases flexibility and cures muscle and back pains
  • This asana is a blessing for people suffering from digestion and constipation problems
  • It treats menopause symptoms, spinal cord problems and diabetes.
  • Effective in weight loss

Dhanurasana-  Dhanurasana has been named after the shape the body takes while performing it – that of a bow. It is also one of the three back stretching exercises.


  • It helps in belly size reduction
  • It makes your spinal cord, ankles and other body parts healthy
  • It’s a great stress buster
  • Provides flexibility to the backbone










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